Whether you realize it or not, you're leading every day - and likely in areas you were not even aware you were.  The REAL question you must answer is how well are you leading?  Sadly, most people fail to truly become the leader they have the potential of becoming, all to the detriment of those they are leading or influencing in some way.  

Over the past few decades, politicians, business leaders, and at times even family members have failed to model what it means to be a good leader.  As a result, the examples before us have given us a number of examples of what NOT to do as a leader.


Parenting doesn't come with a leadership manual. Neither does life. So our grandparents did the very best they could, with the limited exposure (if any) to leadership. At best, it was hit or miss. As a result, our parents were lacking when it comes to understanding how to lead themselves well, and make good choices. What they modeled before us because our example of what it means to lead.

To make up for a lack of understanding, many parents went overboard, believing stricter and harsher was the right way to lead. What did that create? A generation of business owners, CEOs, and managers who led with a top-down, "I'm the boss, do what I say" approach to leadership that stifled creativity, and entrenched businesses into inefficient and ineffective ways of doing business.  

We saw the same thing in politics, as elected officials failed to lead and act in the best interest of their electorate but rather acted upon their own selfish interests or made decisions based on the whims of polling or the current political climate.  Today, many have become corrupt, power-hungry, and have forgotten the people who elected them in the first place.  

So Where Can You Turn To Learn What True Leadership Looks Like?

I'm John Terry, a 2X martial arts hall of fame inductee and founder of Black Belt Leadership.  For more than 200 years, leadership has been at the forefront of traditional martial arts instruction, not only teaching students how to effectively defend themselves but also guiding them down a path of personal growth and development to discover, develop, and deploy the "Black Belt Leader" within.  

I've taken these practical, proven leadership principles and made it my life's work to share this timeless wisdom, inspiring a new generation of "Black Belt Leaders" to learn to lead themselves well every single day.

In this new course, I simply and succinctly share how you can become a more effective leader as you learn to first lead yourself well and make good choices and learn how to teach others to do the same.  

Whether you're leading in your family, workplace, community, place of worship, or you've been appointed or elected to a leadership position, you can become a more effective Every Day Leader.  This online course includes 12 video lessons, highlighting the 10 essential traits of an Every Day Leader, 12 downloadable audio files, a checklist, a worksheet, and an inspirational poster to serve as a constant reminder to live life as an Every Day Leader.

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