Be a Black Belt Leader

There is a HUGE leadership deficit in the world right now.


Because leadership isn't taught in school, and we've seen progressive generations fail to pass on the timeless leadership principles and concepts that lead to true success in life - and the world is suffering as a result.  

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Who doesn't want to be a MASTER Leader...someone who leads themselves well, makes good choices, and experiences lasting success and fulfillment in life?  Who doesn't want to be the MASTER leader who creates high-performance non-leader-dependent teams who simply get things done?

I'm John Terry, the Black Belt Leader.  I'm a 3X martial arts hall of fame inductee, best-selling author, and an international speaker, coach, & trainer.  I currently serve as the president of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Here's my story...

At the age of 13, my dad enrolled me in the martial arts because of bullying in school. It was there I learned some of my first lessons in leadership. Character qualities such as integrity, respect, integrity, compassion, honor, dignity, self-discipline and self-control. These very same leadership qualities needed to earn a Black Belt are the same qualities ANY leader needs to embrace and live out in their daily lives if they want to live a life of success and significance. 

Let me take you on your own Black Belt Leadership journey as I personally teach you the 10 Leadership Qualifies required to live life as a Black Belt Leader in Life. No punching or kicking required. Only a willingness to be teachable and a passion to pursue excellence in the way you live your life. Don't just be a leader, be a Black Belt Leader. 

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Based on my best-selling book, "Black Belt Leadership 101", this is Black Belt Leadership - The MASTERClass!

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