7 Daily Habits of Outstanding Leaders
Live Leadership Daily

Leaders are born, because everyone is leading someone, somewhere every day, even if the only person they are leading is themselves.  But, Black Belt Leaders are MADE, forged from the fires of integrity, humility, and service to others that has been the hallmark of Black Belt Masters throughout the eons of time.

Black Belt Leaders lead, because that is WHO they are.  They have learned they are an example to others, and have embraced daily habits that help them not only lead themselves well and make good choices, but to model leadership before those who are following, observing, and wanting to learn how to be effective leaders themselves. 

In this course, you'll learn the 7 daily habits of outstanding leaders, and how to cultivate and hone these behaviors in your own life.  It starts with simple personal choices and builds from there.  Whether you're learning on your own, going through this as part of a group study, leadership class, or Mastermind, you'll learn how to effectively discover, develop, and deploy these 7 daily habits in your life.

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